Our Founding Mothers created Sigma Theta Psi Sorority on November 13th, 1991 at San Jose State University. These eighteen visionary women came together to fill a void of multicultural awareness on their campus. They sought to create a sisterhood that would embrace and celebrate cultural diversity, and that was rooted in the shared principles of respect, honesty, open-mindedness, loyalty, leadership, and academic excellence.

Sigma Theta Psi is an academic and social sorority. It is a unity of women that recognize the trials of new or continuing students and is willing to assist other women through such educational endeavors. Encouragement is offered in every aspect of moral, academic and social support as well as developing life-long friendships.

Academic achievement is a central goal of Sigma Theta Psi. In addition to maintaining a standard of academic excellence among our membership, we also make an effort to bring scholars to campus who can enlighten the community as a whole. The sisters of the Delta chapter have diverse majors and career goals. Our alumnae have gone on to work in several different fields. Our sisters have earned various fellowships, scholarships, and awards, including: The Gates Millenium Scholarship, The Questbridge Scholarship, the Mary Forchic Scholarship, Education and Youth Development Fellowship, Ron Brown Scholar, President's Scholarship, Cap & Gown, Mary & Jacquelyn Edmonds Prize in Human Biology, and State Senate Fellow Program.



Our Pillars 


Our organization is built on this principle, which allows our women of many walks of life to communicate openly with each other and grow in sisterhood.


We create a bonding experience among our members that is unparalleled by any other sorority. Unity events and retreats are used to nurture this bond, along with the natural growth of our sisterhood throughout the year. 


As Stanford's only multicultural sorority, we not only accept, but embrace differences among our members. 


We take pride in being open to all and for instilling the attitudes in our members to respect differences around them. Without this, we would not be where we are today. 


Our community service reaches out to help with things related to our Philanthropy. We raise donations or volunteer our time to assist those in need.

Academic Excellence

Our number one priority. We have fun, but also give academic, social, and personal support to our sisters. We implement study hours, GPA requirements, study groups, and facilitate networking among our alumni.


Fun Facts

Theme: Multicultural interest.
Our Motto: "Only the strong survive."
National Philanthropy: Breast Cancer
Colors: Purple, Black, and Gold
Flower: Purple Orchid
Mascot: Black Panther
National Founding date: November 13, 1991
Delta Chapter Founding date: December 3, 2001

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